My C1 Outfitting

The basic boat is my own design (called a Cobra), loosely based on a vintage Estanguet circa 1994.  It might have been the last Estanguet with rails.  Very fast in a straight line, but doesn't turn well.  When International races got tighter, most boat designs emphasized turning rather than speed.

The Seat

I've been using bucket-style seats since the early '90s.  Comfy and no hip blocks are necessary.  For ease of getting my feet out, the seat pivots at the rear.
Lifting seat

The Strap System

The main straps are as far back as possible into the crotch area.  It's possible to exit with releasing the straps, but very difficult. 
Small front straps, anchored further forward, keep my knees down and splayed out.  I'm tight.

Dual strap system

Main Strap Attachment

The main thigh-strap brackets are made from aluminum tubing with threaded plates at each end.  Countersunk machine screws go through the hull and engage the threads in the brackets.  The hull is quite thick in this location: It's got an extra 3 layers of seam tape holding the hull to the deck.
The center attachments (see above) are aluminum tubing welded onto a 6" x 8" aluminum plate that's been "swiss-cheesed" with lots of 1/2" holes, then covered with several layers of Kevlar.